NAPS ( National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme )


Government has introduced the apprenticeship training to the service sectors through optional trade in the year 2016 via National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme (NAPS). Monetary benefits are introduced through this NAPS model to incentivize the Employer who engages the apprentices. For further details please visit
At Go4career Pvt ltd, we provide the complete end to end services for Apprenticeship Training especially under NAPS right from sourcing the candidates, registering them in the portal, managing their attendance, engaging them under basic training, payroll processing, stipend calculation, stipend disbursement, uploading the required documents appropriate for the audits, liaising with all competent authorities and facilitating the employer to receive the monetary benefits from the Government.
Damin Electrotech Pvt ltd is an empanelled Basic Training Provider (BTP) and Third Party Aggregator (TPA) by Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MoSD&E) as well as National Skill Development Corporation.

Basic Training Provider (BTP)

BTP is an entity who has adequate / necessary facilities for a trade and providing basic training to fresher apprentices, who otherwise do not have any formal education and/or training in related trades, engaged by an establishment. Go4career pvt ltd  will either connect the Employer with a registered basic training facility or else can get the inhouse training centre facility of the Employer to get registered as training centre. The training will be conducted in the training centres based on the curriculum prescribed in the Trade.
Go4career pvt ltd  is an affiliated Basic Training Provider recognized by National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) to provide the basic training on various domains as prescribed in the optional trade.

NAPS consultant

Especially under the National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme (NAPS), the MoSD&E has created a provision  NAPS Consultant to encourage the Large as well as MSMEs and other Establishments to engage large number of youths for Apprenticeship Training. NAPS consutlant can undertake the activities like arrange basic training for apprentices, maintenance of records and filing of returns and stipend administration. Through this facility, the NAPS consultant will act on behalf of the Principal employer as a third-party agency to facilitate the required activities under Apprenticeship regulations. This will ease the job of an employer in manning the apprentices right from entering into a contract till the apprenticeship tenure completed.
         Go4career pvt ltd is an NAPS consultant  to serve the companies. We ensure that the required online filling, paperwork, and other legal / statutory compliances are filed on-time.